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Car Radios

Car Audio Player / October 25, 2016 /

Driving in a car, listening to radio on a rainy day along with a partner sounds just perfect. Player Top France [click here] Radio!! Rain!! Romantic songs always go hand in hand. Radios are still most preferable source of broadcast. But is it as simple as we see or say?! No. radios have a big Flashback story.

Radios were first invented as non-movable, in-house device for entertainment. But with people travelling, communication was needed at certain point of times. There came the idea of fixing the radio into cars, a very tedious task. But success was never far.

The first car radio was introduced by Galvin, named Motorola, in 1930. They were split into various parts and integrated with the car front part. Longer antennas were provided to maintain the signal strength at the same level. Extra batteries were used for power supply With all this arrangements, car radios became a huge hit with the crowd.

Not just then, even now, radios take the pride of being a person’s partner during lonely times or a turn on news point.